Our Newest Short Comedy Film:


We're thrilled to announce that "Open House,"
a short comedy film directed by Marisha Mukerjee, written by Deb Hiett, and starring Carrie Barrett,
Deb Hiett, and Herbert Russell, has been selected as
an Official Selection of

The 2015 Women In Comedy Festival Film Night
The 2014 L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival
The 2014 Los Angeles Comedy Festival
The 2014 Moonrise Film Festival.

And "Open House" was declared Best Video Short in the Funny Women LA Festival presented by iOWest and
Cake Batter!

A co-production with Madrina Films, "Open House" is a twisted look at what happens when a house-hunting couple and a real estate agent have a truthful conversation (listening not required).
If you can't make it to one of these wonderful film festivals, please check out our short film on FunnyorDie.com!



Available now on Amazon.com:
 Our First Book!

When Mommy Loves Bama and Daddy Loves Auburn
by Deb Hiett
Illustrations by Amy Lynn Stevenson


Watch Deb's Revealing Author Interview on YouTube!

What People Are Saying:

"What a delight for kids and parents of split or
mixed Bama-Auburn families!
At last, a delightful explanation!"

–Winston Groom, author of Forrest Gump

"A wry, delightful and very funny look at the ultimate kind of 'mixed marriage,' pigskin-style, and a primer on how families can (and should!) enjoy the rivalry in a positive fashion. We need more fans on both sides who think like Deb Hiett!!"
–Van Allen Plexico, Wishbone columnist for the War Eagle Reader and
co-author of Decades of Dominance and Season of Our Dreams

"Although the Alabama-Auburn rivalry itself is no laughing matter,
this hilarious little book manages to put it all in perspective."
–Chad Gibbs, author of Love Thy Rival: What Sports' Greatest Rivalries
Teach Us About Loving Our Enemies
God and Football: Faith and Fanaticism in the SEC

"It's great! For all of us Southerners that appreciate football,
When Mommy Loves Bama and Daddy Loves Auburn is very entertaining… and so very true!"

--Missy Mercer, author of Auburn University Cookbook

"This is a frank and honest look at an age-old rivalry that has torn families apart. Not since the East/West Coast Swing Dancing Wars
has an American pastime caused so much grief.
Now the healing can begin. Knowledge is power."
–Wendi McLendon-Covey, comedic actress ("Bridesmaids," "The Goldbergs")

"Beautifully illustrated and riotously funny,
When Mommy Loves Bama and Daddy Loves Auburn
is sure to amuse (and strike home with) all who occupy
that random and dangerous no-man's-land between
Alabama's two favorite teams. I love it!"

 –Edward Renehan, author of Understanding Kerouac's ON THE ROAD;
Dark Genius of Wall Street;
and other books

“I’ve written books about weird belief systems, cults,
extremist politics, and conspiracy theories.
I’m pretty sure that obsessive college football fandom
has a place in there somewhere—and I know that Uncle Bill,
with his bizarre ideas about Paul Finebaum and
the Illuminati and his abiding suspicion of the
Notre Dame rule, fits right in. Deb Hiett’s and Amy Lynn Stevenson’s
When Mommy Loves Bama and Daddy Loves Auburn
is a hoot—unless of course, it’s a Masonic plot,
 in which case you should be very afraid.”

–Arthur Goldwag, author of Isms & Ologies; Cults, Conspiracies,
and Secret Societies
; and The New Hate: A History of Fear
and Loathing on the Populist Right

"Even if you didn't grow up in an Alabama/Auburn mixed household, you'll love the sweet humor of When Mommy Loves Bama and Daddy Loves Auburn. It's enlightening, incredibly entertaining, and eye-opening to see it all from the kids' perspective.
If you've ever been caught up in a rivalry in front of your kids,
don't miss this book!"

–Kathy Caprino, women's success coach and author of
Breakdown, Breakthrough: The Professional Woman's Guide to
Claiming a Life of Passion, Power, and Purpose

What's a young brother and sister to do, when growing up in a "house divided?"

A humorous take on the classic Alabama/Auburn college football rivalry is presented through the eyes of two young fans eager to navigate
the often-turbulent waters known as "The Iron Bowl Day."

Spoofing the vintage style of classic children's books, this hilarious book
 features richly-colored, hand-painted illustrations by
renowned artist Amy Lynn Stevenson.

Definitely not just for kids, this romp is for anyone who truly understands the unique challenges of a mixed Crimson Tide/Auburn Tigers household!

Softcover, 21 full-color pages. $12.95 retail price.
ISBN-13:  978-0-9894352-0-8

Available from Amazon.com now!

Read our article in Auburn's The Plainsman

Watch Deb's Revealing Author Interview on YouTube



Author Deb Hiett



The Award-Winning Comedy Film:
"A Bit of Counseling"

It's the little sketch that could.
What award-winning short film
 "A Bit of Counseling" lacks in production values, it more than makes up for in legs (and laughs).

It all started as a (slightly racy) sketch in the Second City show, "Deb and Rick on a Stick." When we decided to shoot it one day, James Roddy was the outrageously overcompensated cinematographer and editor.

Written and directed by Deb Hiett and Richard Kuhlman, this short film features a British couple with an unusual problem. When they seek counseling, they find an unusual solution. (NOTE: it's not quite safe for watching at work, as they say....)

We've been honored with Audience Choice Awards from:
* L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival *
* Palm Beach International Film Festival *
* Australia's Over The Fence Short Film Festival *
* Ojai Film Festival (Honorable Mention) *

And we've been featured at several other festivals, including San Luis Obispo Film Festival and Connecticut Film Festival. The short was also selected for distribution and viewing on Indieflix.


"Bixby Gets a Ticket"
at Fi
lm Festivals!

"Bixby Gets a Ticket" is the three minute adventure of a couple who meet in the park
and end up discussing current world
events, without the benefit of actually knowing anything about current world events. They fall prey to the Mobius-strip-like web of weirdness when they attempt to turn their discussion into a video to be uploaded to the Web.

This short was featured a
t the L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival and the Riverside International Film Festival.

The brilliant James Roddy was our cinematographer, with the boomy assistance of the lovely Amy Lynn.

Click here to watch the trailer!


What if God took questions via Skype? 
You could ask anything you want!
(Remember, one question per person, please.)

Our latest 3-minute short comedy film, "Skype the Big Guy," is now available for viewing on FunnyorDie.com.

Starring Richard Kuhlman (below), Tammy Partanen, Bob Morissey, Deb Hiett, Debra DeLiso, Johnny Paddio, and Matt Valenti. Thanks to all who worked so hard on making this happen!